Later, Bots.

Each day, over $1.0M USD is exploited by MEV front-run bots.

Our proprietary tech is capable of blocking MEVs, every time.



Why MEV Repellent?

MEV Repellent Software leverages proprietary code to identify MEV transactions and block them before confirmation on the blockchain. No sandwich bots, ever.

As decentralized finance (DeFi) transactions continue to skyrocket, retail investors face increasing attacks by scammers, botters and hackers. The risk to ERC-20 tokens, whether new launches or long-term low tax tokens, is significant. Other safeguards, such as off-chain transactions and dApp level protocols, provide some safety, but lose the efficiency and speed of traditional blockchain protocols. MEVREPEL's unique safety features will become the industry standard for each legitimate token launch.

How it Works

Peek into our proprietary MEV repellent software.

Our Mev Repellent Software uses proprietary code to identify any transactions inbound from the MEV network.

Before MEV bots are able to buy, we block their buy transaction.


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What are MEV Bots?

One of the greatest risks to DeFi investing

  • MEV Tech

    MEV — which stands for maximum (or miner) extractable value — is the term used to describe the process by which value is extracted through the reordering and censoring of transactions on the blockchain.

  • Negative Impact

    Similar to strategies used by high frequency trading firms on Wall Street, the MEV bot’s access to transaction order flow creates an unfair advantage over retail investors.

  • Frontrunners

    These "front-run" bots scan pending transactions, identify and simulate scenarios where they can pay a more significant gas fee for miners to process their transaction first to front-run a major trade, affecting token pricing and creating an arbitrage opportunity.

  • Substantial Losses

    Since January 2020, these MEV bots have extracted profits of over $613 million USD on Ethereum, according to MEV Explore. MEV-type value extractions — executed by miners who hold sole power to organize transactions within a block — are one of the single greatest defects of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) mempool design.


Utility Token for MEV Repellent Tech

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